Product Category 
  ⊥Mould Release
  ⊥Anti-Rust & Lubricant
  ⊥Gas Remover
  ⊥Surface Treatment

It is an environmental consideration commodity that supports ecology and economy.
It causes reduction in costs with the recycling type filling can.
The discretion work such as the cap, cans, and the button label shrinks when abandoning it and the disposal costs by a special trader are greatly reduced.

【Correspondence stock solution】
Cleaning Agent Anti-Rust & Lubricant Mould Release Agent
・EZ Cleaner L
・Mild Cleaner L
・Middle Cort L
・Metaform LM-1
・Metaform LMC
・Metaform LC-1
・Metaform LFA

【How to use】

                  The thing that there is no rust no
                  garbage in the can is confirmed.

                  A specified stock solution is
                   poured below the half of the can.

                 1:The lid is done with a suitable
                   valve (our specification goods)
                   for the stock solution.

                 2:It turns clockwise and it
                   closes firmly.

                  Compress air is filled on.

                  The maximum pressure is
                  prevented from exceeding
                  5kgf/cm2 0.5MPal.

                  Please fill the pressure air again
                   according to method 3
                   when feeling that  pressure
                   weakened while using it.

Please consult business about details.